Our Real Estate Tax
Structure will save You up to


The improper set-up of your Canadian real estate investment can result in you paying 38% in tax (316.7% more) instead of 12% – ouch!

Whatever your real estate investment situation is, we’ll do our best to save every DAMN penny from going to the CRA.

As Featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth

“The right Canadian real estate corporate structure considers asset protection, risk mitigation, makes it easy for investors to contribute, meets mortgage requirements, allows for the use of RRSP/TFSAs, and long-term wealth building strategies.”
Dave Puotinen | Real File
Partner & Tax Manager

Trusted by Australian Real Estate Investors

Rae Ostrander
CEO of Rae Ostrander Group
Rae Ost Accountants in Toronto

"I love working with this firm! Not only do they get my corporate and
personal tax work completed, their monthly payment structure that
includes an advisor service to answer questions and pre plan
expenditures to maximize tax benefits is fantastic".
Jen Sietsma Pescod
Jen Sietsma

 "I used to do all my own taxes, and I didn't realize how much I have
been missing and how much more I could have been utilizing to get my
taxes decreased. Thank you to Dave and his team for all your insight and expertise! My real estate business is much better financially since I switched
to Real File CPA!"
Jenna Raye McKinnon-West
Real Estate Developer, Bedrock Homes Ltd

"Dave and the team at Real File CPA have been a huge asset
to our family business as well as everything to do
with taxes, trusts and real estate".

Does this sound like your current tax situation?

“I’m so TIRED of seeing all this money going to the ATO!!
But I see how “the rich” are protecting their assets
My accountant says “it’s just how it is”.
AND I KNOW there’s something better we can be doing!”

Here’s Why Most Tax Advisors FAIL Australian Real Estate Investors

Most Accountants are “generalists”. They work with anyone: $125 personal returns, dentists, manufacturers, restaurants, etc.

They’re “jacks of all trades and masters of none.”

“We’ll keep your hard-earned money from going to the ATO because real estate tax minimization is what we do ALL DAY, EVERYDAY - even while we SLEEP!

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Former ATO Auditors On Your Side

My passion for the last 26 years is to help our investor, developer and construction clients minimize their tax and grow into prosperous REITs.

Having started my career in corporate tax at Deloitte, I quickly realized I wanted to work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and business Owners to help them realize their full potential. My close friend Dave Puotinen (on the left) and I formed Real File for this very reason.

My expertise combined with Dave’s experience as a former Criminal Tax Investigator for the CRA, allows us to full advantage of the deductions from the Canadian tax code while mitigating the risk of a CRA audit or review. This gives peace of mind to our clients, knowing that if CRA does come knocking, they’re got former CRA Auditors to fiercely defend them.

On behalf of our family at Real File, I look forward to working with you to grow your real estate investment.

Allen Ming, CPA B.Com. | Real File
Principal Partner

Winning at Investing is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Our Real Estate Tax Structure Will Save You up to 316.7%.

The improper set-up of your Canadian real estate investment can result in you paying 38% in tax (316.7% more) instead of 12% - ouch!

We have two former CRA auditors on staff, which ensures we'll do our best to save every DAMN penny from going to the CRA while mitigating audit risk, so you can SLEEP well every night..

2. Getting You Loans & Investors - Fast

The best way to attract investors and capital lenders is accurate up-to-date 3rd-party-verified financials.

Using cloud accounting software we’ll have your financial information accurate and update every day, which will make it easy for investors to contribute and lenders to give you the capital you need for your investments - fast.

3. Your Questions Answered Immediately, 24/7, 365

As our client, we'll be available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you'll get ANSWERS immediately when you need them for a lender, investor, deal closing or your business planning.

Here's my cell phone (416.990.8769), my office numbers (647. 499.3939, 604.200.8343, 825.250.0303), and my email ([email protected]). Give me a call right now, I’ll answer YOUR real estate investment QUESTIONS IMMEDIATELY.

“For 25 years I’ve looked for Accounting Professionals that understood our business and could offer the best tax advice, I found it with Real File.”

George Le Donne | Ledgemark Homes

We Strive to Be Australia's Best Real Estate Accounting Firm

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Upfront Fixed Fee
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Switching Accountants Is Easier Than You Think

Switching accountants only seems like a major pain in the butt… But in reality, it’s a brief communication with your current accountant:
“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Dave & Allen at Real File CPA. Thank you for your service.”
Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

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The Only CPA Firm with UNLIMITED Consultations

If you’re a KPMG client, you know how much it COSTS to talk with them on the phone!

Our UNLIMITED consultations is simple: With us, once you’re a client, there’s no additional charges for consultation, so you call and email as much you want at NO EXTRA COST!

You’ll never receive an unpleasant surprise in our invoicing. We trust this makes working us a no-brainer.

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If you’re looking to grow your real estate investment and willing to listen to new and better ideas, then we’re the trusted real estate Accountants for you.

During our initial consultation, we’ll review your immediate needs and provide a course of action with a fixed-fee quote (no surprise bills here).

Book your free consultation now by calling 1 (647) 499-3939 or book online.

“Real File is our go-to Accountants for our Canadian REINVESTORS that want to save big on their real estate taxes.”

Randy Molland & Steve Arneson | The REINVESTORS

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